Join the Subway Surfers World Tour 2023 in Chicago which is included in the list of the biggest cities in America and go for a thrilling twilight surf through the amazing cityscape. This version features the new limited character named E.Z and the new flying board named Hotdog. Take a trip down to the Navy Pier where you can take a ride on the ferris wheel or go for a stroll along the sea! Boost your crew with E.Z., the easygoing street surfer, Unlock the Jive Outfit for E.Z. and unleash his artistic talent. Get to the Maze Garden and try to figure out your way around the bushy labyrinth! Leave a musical mark wherever you go on the funky Jazz board. In front of the hero is a long endless railway track, trains running towards them and various obstacles that you need to jump over or roll under them in Subway Surfers Chicago. Have a good time!

The aim of the game is to collect as much gold as possible by running the longest distance.

Controls :

  • Left / Right Arrow = Move Left / Right
  • Up Arrow = Jump
  • Down Arrow : Roll
  • Space = Activate Hoverboard

You can see other side missions in the MyTour section at the top of the main page.

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